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G.A. Jourde was among the pioneers, in using advertising to promote its products.

Already in the early 19´th century, the company commissioned  some of the most famous artists such as Henri Le Monnier, Gasper Camps Jean Desaleux and last but not least the "Father of modern advertising" Leonetto Cappiello, to produce dvertising posters for
Cordial - Médoc.

Consequently these posters have become classics, that are highly sought after by today's collectors.

Cordial Medoc Poster

Jean Desaleux
Cordial Medoc, c.1950
Cordial Medoc

Henry Le Monnier
Cordial Medoc, 1930
Cordial Medoc Poster

Leonetto Cappiello
Cordial Medoc, c. 1908
Cordial Medoc Poster

Lluscious Art Nouveau
Cordial Medoc, 1913

 qui rejouit le coeur

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