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Cordial Medoc

The original Cordial - Médoc liqueur produced since 1878 by G. A. Jourde in Bordeaux, France, is truly one of the worlds great classic liqueurs.

According to the secret family recipe dating back to 1878
Cordial - Médoc contains more then 15 different fruits spices, and herbs.

Most notably Orange from the island of Curacao Cocoa bean, Vanilla, Violets, and Prunes.

The fruits and spices are macerated in a cognac based spirit, which is re-distilled in old Copper Pot-Stills, and then blended with wine distillate (Eau de Vie) made from the fine wines of the world famous Médoc area, hence the name Cordial - Médoc meaning "Liqueur from Medoc".

Before bottling, the final distillate, is then left to marry for a short period in old wood casks followed by a refining process where a solution of pure cane sugar is added.

Cordial Médoc is well reputed for its stimulating
digestional properties and take pride of being the main component in many famous drinks and cocktails.


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